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Hoi chummers,

does anybody know any good online resources for maps? Either for map building, or complete maps?


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    I've been experimenting with these two sites: and You can do all sorts of things with them. And while with at least the one you can only save 1 at a time, you could finish it and export/print it and move on to the next one. Otherwise do what I did and make friends with an architect ;)

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    I have used google images and searched for floor plans or sports bar whatever i needed. For some I print out on a 2' by 3' black and white $3 at Staples. Google also has a 3d mapping program for rooms and such if you download chrome. I also use Google Earth to show the Pc's an actual location. They are in the middle of a street fair in Seattle and i can actually zoom and pan down the real world street.

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    Okay, lemme hook you up, I've been fussing at this a lot lately.

    For the base map, the floors and walls, you'd want to use something along the lines of , using the Industrial collection. They have a packmaker if you've already got textures and assets. If you do, by the way, hook me up.

    Next, assets and effects. For these I search pretty much everywhere - cartographer's guild, dundjinni, but the bottom line is that you're gonna be short on assets no matter what, unless you're a photoshop person, and even then, that's a lot of work.

    Now, you can print this out and use tokens on it... but that's an awful lot of work and ink and paper. If you're running a session over Skype, you may want to take a gooood long look at . It's what I'm using for now, and I'm frankly in love with it. If you do use a virtual tabletop, then you'll wanna get some tokens - I use a generic pack of alphabetical tokens for the players, and gave them the option of sending me art from the net, and I'll make it into tokens with RPTools' TokenTool. Meanwhile I made tokens using that for as many different shadowrun-related artpieces as I could find, as well as a few more generic type ones.

    So, yeah. Those are the backbones of my virtual tabletop. Pyromancer's, Cartographers/Dundjinni/etc, and then Roll20 + TokenTool.

    Roll20 is only worth it if you have a cheap subscription, though, because that's what adds the dynamic lighting module.

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    How about 3D terrain. I've played in a few games that have used papercraft terrain either from WorldWorks or from Fat Dragon, and I really like the added dimension that it brings to the game. The problem is that the vast majority of products that I've found are fantasy with a distant second being strongly sci-fi. I've had a hard time finding much in the way of Present, near-future, or cyberpunk themed papercraft terrain. WorldWorks has some really good stuff, but they are notably missing sets that could easily be used for corporate office interiors. Does anyone have any other resources for similar items that could be used for Shadowrun?

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